The Best Ice Cream in Edinburgh

The Best Ice Cream in Edinburgh

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Our guide of where to go for ice cream in Scotland’s capital city.

Finally, the sun is out – but probably not for long. So, we have streamlined your search for a delicious, refreshing ice-cream so that you can enjoy as much time as possible in the Scottish sun. You’re welcome.


Mary's Milk Bar | Ice Cream

Mary’s Milk Bar is one of those hidden gems that once you find it, you tell everyone about it. It is a Milk Bar that is reminiscent of the 1920’s – 1960’s with its simple, retro interior. It is an ice cream parlour which serves homemade gelato made from fresh and local ingredients, and the flavours frequently change depending on what ingredients are available.

We recommend: Milk Chocolate and Lavender Sundae


Taste of Italy | Ice Crea,

Serving one of the best freshly made Gelatos outside of Italy, It is surprising how few people know this favourite Italian cafe sells ‘Crema Gelato.’ You can enjoy your ice cream in a wafer cone, and you can tailor it to your particular sugary need, decorate it with sweets and chocolate and enjoy it as you walk around Edinburgh. Or, alternatively, go inside and enjoy one of their sundaes – If there is space, of course, it is known to get very busy.

We recommend: Italian Gelato in a cone, with sprinkles


You can easily get your sweet tooth fix with their ’18 classic and funky flavours.’  Or, in true Willy Wonka style, you can indulge by mixing one of their fifty chocolate bar options into a milkshake, hot waffles or an ice-cream.

We recommend: Raspberry Snowball Sundae


Affogato is a single spot where you can enjoy 18 classic and creative flavours of ice cream made fresh on the premises, using the highest quality ingredients and sourced locally where possible. Affogato is dog-friendly and even has a unique dog-only gelato, so your dog won’t feel left out.

We recommend: Two Scoop Vanilla Nutmeg Gelato


Located in a cute, restored Police Box in Edinburgh’s Old Town is Over Langshaw Ice Cream. Make a visit to enjoy delicious ice cream made at their Over Langshaw Farm in the heart of the Scottish Borders with fresh, vibrant ingredients.

We recommend: Rocky Royal Mile