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Edinburgh Knowledge

Edinburgh Knowledge


A brief bit of Edinburgh knowledge. The clever capital.

Edinburgh Knowledge | Arthurs Seat View

Seems like you want to learn some Edinburgh knowledge. Maybe your planning a hoiday? Maybe you just like researching great cities? So, here is an earful of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city is a captivating mix of history, culture and natural beauty. From the peaks of Arthur’s Seat to the stunning architecture of Edinburgh Castle and the gothic Scott Monument. Edinburgh has something for every age and type of traveler.

We’ve put together this blog as your own personal guide on where and how to spend your time in Edinburgh. As locals and avid travel lovers. We’ll give you an insight into the best tourists attractions and the hidden gems that only the locals know.

Edinburgh has been the home of many creatives and intellects. The most noteworthy include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes. J.K. Rowling the author of those books, what are they called? It’ll come to me…In conclusion Edinburgh is a place of vast knowledge. HARRY POTTER. That’s what those books were called.

No matter what your interests, Edinburgh will satisfy every craving you never knew you had. We have pages and blogs for the writer in you, the exporer in you, the horror lover in you and much more. In conclusion, anything you wish to know about this gloriously unique city. We’ll have a page on it. So, indulge in some Edinburgh Knowledge.

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